Premier Hawaii BBQ

When people ask me what I’m doing on any given weekend, my response almost always includes “BBQ.”  Last weekend on Cinco de Mayo, it was at the beach; then on Sunday, it was at the epicenter of the European automotive community of Oahu – Premier Auto Service and Performance.  Premier specializes in all things Volkswagen and Audi, from maintenance and performance, and body and paint to engine and turbo builds, and custom anything you can imagine.  To complement the quality of their workmanship, their showroom offers only the best products and soon Illest Fall 2012 gear.

Team Premier also specializes on hosting awesome BBQs, following the success of their first BBQ in Jan with another one filled with clean cars, friendly people, great food, and shenanigans galore!

And a teaser…bruddahs getting ready for the next post.

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Anthony Nguyen

Anthony Nguyen

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