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TOYOTAFEST 2012 Long Beach, CA. part I of 3

Since I was showing my Lexus LS400 at this show, I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to cover this event, and also scout around for new features. I met a lot of cool people and had a blast, but of course you cannot forget the sunburn you get at every outdoor car event. yaayyyy……

So those of you who aren’t from so. cal, you may be wondering what kinda Toyota’s are here? Well…. everything! You name it, Toyotafest has it. I walked around this event about 4 times to make sure i didn’t miss any nice cars, hence the part 1 of 3 I will be sharing.

Also, keep in mind not all cars are fitment specific, i just snapped pics of cars that stood out to me overall. (ie: lifted Tundras and 4 Runners, classics, work in progress cars, etc.) Here we go:

^^ i couldnt help but snap a pic of myself in some work lead sleds! how many of you have done this? i bet alot of you have.

^^ ill end part 1 with my buddy Kenny Filter flashing me with his artsy nipples and Yogi reminding me where nipples are located. Stay tuned for part 2 soon…



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