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Frankenstein 510


I have always had a weak spot for Datsun 510s so I jumped at the opportunity to shoot this one when I saw it on Instagram. I got in contact with the owner Mallen Fajardo through Instagram and attempted to set up a photoshoot. It look a little longer to set one up because of my busy work schedule but i’m glad we waited because I really wanted to take my time to shoot this car. I did not want to be crunched for time and miss out on the crazy amount of details on this car. After looking at all the pictures of Mallen’s 510 on his Instagram, it was shocking how clean his car is in person. Pictures really do not do this car justice but i’ll try my best to show you guys. This 1971 Datsun 510 sedan has so many different and unique parts but everything just flows so well together. The exterior consists of a late model Toyota front headlight conversion w/ blackout covers, Mallen opted to not go with the round lights. His front bumper is also chopped 4 inches and tucked. He also got a set of JDM Datsun B110 fender mirrors chopped and painted for his front fenders. A BRE Carbon fiber front air dam completes his front end while a rare JDM Bluebird center taillight garnish completes the rear.

Seeing how clean the exterior was nothing compared to what I saw when Mallen popped the hood. This 510 is equipped with a 1995 Nissan 240sx ka24de engine swap complete with a shaved engine bay and wire tuck. He also has a tucked VW Rabbit radiator w/ built in thermostat to keep the car cool. The ARC super intake with a Greddy filter really stands out along with the Blitz piping stopper, GREX remote filter and Greddy oil filter, Greddy water temp sensor, and the 1986 Mazda RX7 front mounted oil cooler. An oil catch can w/ EARLS fuel, water, vacuum lines, fittings and fuel filter were also installed along with a Walbro 255 LPH external fuel pump. Other small details include an HKS oil cap, powedercoated valve cover, and carbon fiber intake manifold cover off a Honda Fit.

On the drive to our first shooting location, I really had a chance to peep out the interior. Everything worked so well together that I completely didn’t notice the 2000 Mini Cooper center console. I guess it’s because the katana shift knob kept attracting my attention. Installed in the center console was a 1970 Chevy Nova gauge pod holder complete with an Autometer gauge set (electronic speedo, tachometer, fuel, voltage, oil pressure, water temp, and clock). His seats are reupholstered vintage Recaro LXi seats which are extremely comfortable and awesome. The rear seats were also reupholstered as well. A Nardi woodgrain steering wheel with Works Bell quick release completed the inside.

His suspension set up consists of a 1979 Datsun 280zx suspension conversion with disk brakes, camber plates and coilovers. He also has a 1979 Datsun 280zx brake master cylinder upgrade. A TEIN strut bar was used to brace the car as well. Mallen also installed a DATSPORT brake booster upgrade and DATSPORT steering bracket. His 510 is sitting on authentic 15×8.5 -5 Bronze VOLK TE37vs wrapped in 1954515 TOYO proxes TR1 all around.

Overall, this was an awesome shoot and I had a ton of fun shooting it. It was fun cruising San Francisco’s historic Presidio on that amazingly gorgeous day in the city. Thanks again to Mallen and Ryan Der for coming out. I’ll leave everyone with the one shot I really wanted for the shoot. I am glad we did it to because we literally got kicked out 45 seconds after we parked the car. Now excuse me while I go back to shopping for a 510…

4 Responses to Frankenstein 510

  1. such a cool ride!

  2. Elvis

    This was well worth the wait Andy! Amazing.

  3. Kevin T

    Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Bigjoe

    This is absolutely gorgeous, especially how he implemented newer parts from other cars into the 510 seamlessly


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