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Limited Japan Exclusive by S / DOUBLE STUDIO

S / DOUBLE STUDIO, which opened in Tokyo in April of this year Yutenji. Shawn Stussy shop laid the foundation of brand is engaged in street, including the surfboard can be said of its own roots, the original hardware is ordered, every day is crowded with core fans. In the same shop such, T-shirt is in-stock new perfect the coming season.

T-shirt this time to introduce all four types. Photo T-shirts that were released in the limited opening of the shop, because we sold out the same day, the additional production in response to many requests. Types, and the remaining three production based on image color is navy and gray shop. Any items, free freehand unique sensibility Shawn Stussy was alive, has become a clean finish.

I want you to check all means in conjunction with the shop, the items you can feel the “now” of the charisma of the street continue to evolve.

Photo: Masaki Sato
text: Naoki Otobe

Source: Honeyee

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