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Long Beach Hoodrat

In a city where traffic is bad and roads are even worse, it’s hard to imagine that people would still want to have modified cars. One of the people who still has a modded car regardless of the crappy conditions is Dara from Long Beach. His love for VIP styling and driving low with wheel fitment knows no bounds. Dara started his journey back in 2009 when the fitment game in the U.S. barely started. Dara was known among the VIP peeps as one of the lowest daily-driven GS’s in SoCal. Nowadays, kids are getting super crazy and just dragging their front lips on the ground, not really sticking with the true VIP styling, which means being able to drive low and still look good while doing it.

When you heard a bunch of scraping noises come closer, you knew it was Dara coming along. Dara has switched it up this year from his 18” Work Eurolines to these 19” Work Schwerts. He wanted to be the same height with a larger rim, meaning that he would be rim tucking most of the time.

Dara likes to set himself apart from other cars with some green tint; it definitely catches your eye.

Dara loves wheel fitment to the point where he has it down to a science. He needed a fitment where he could still take passengers in his car, especially when it comes to his son because he needs to take his son to school. He even uses his car to drive friends to the nearest taco stand. When I say this car gets driven, it really gets driven. Dara’s GS is about to hit the 230k mark in a couple of months.

Wheel fitment game on lock.

Driving this low in Long Beach is not an easy task. Dara knows every street in his vicinity like the back of his hand.

Future plans for this car? Dara is planning something extreme within the next couple of months, reconstructing everything. Different coilovers to go lower with a stiffer spring setting, new wheels, and an extravagant body kit to match.

When he finishes with the next phase of his car, it will definitely be back here on Hellaflush.

Thank you Dara for taking the time to come out and shoot with me and even showing me the streets of Long Beach, from every pothole there is to the smallest bumps. Dara would like to give a shout-out to “AutoFashion, BP VIP, Royal Flush, Liberty VIP, Goodfeeling, LowBallers, Royal Origin, all my Facebook followers, and most of all, Minh Nguyen for taking his time to shoot my car.”

Modification List

Pbm coilovers 14k/10k
Megan toe links
Work schwerts gold face stepped lips 19×9.5 +3 A disk 225/35/19 Achilles atr sports, 19×10.5 +5 O disk 235/35/19 Achilles atr sports.
Green muteki lugnuts, green tints, green OEM caliper.
Led tail lights
Bellezza black curtains.
Polished OEM exhaust.
Toyota aristo window visors.



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