Mabuhay Fiesta

Mabuhay (pronunciation: mah-BOO-high) is a Tagalog word used to exclaim “long live”. Comparable to the Romance language expression “Vive, Viva”, the salute associated with this exclamation; in which both arms are raised above the head in unison three times and is also similar to that used in the Japanese exclamation Banzai. The expression is most often used at toasts (cheers!) during gatherings and parties, at rallies, political conferences, or for praising notable individuals. It is also an expression used in welcoming guests and a way of showing hospitality.

The root word buhay means life.

Fiesta (n.) Among Spanish, a religious festival; a saint’s day or holiday; also, a holiday or festivity.

Mabuhay Fiesta, an event commemorating the 114th year of Philippine Independence, was held last weekend in the middle of the Bay, LITERALLY.  And boy was it a hot one!  The mini heat wave had the Bay sizzling, with temperatures reaching 100 degrees inland.  So cooling off meant going near water.  And lucky for us that’s where we were, right in the center of it, on Treasure Island.  Along with other proud Pinoys and Pinays escaping the heat, we absorbed culture, enjoyed live entertainment (of course) and ate that good Filipino food.  Doing what us Filipinos do best…CELEBRATING!  Masarap ang buhay!

A Filipino event wouldn’t be complete, without a Manny sighting.
The new Bay Bridge in the distance.
This guy was hella tall.  But GIANT compared to us Filipinos.  ha!

Bigg Knutt Funk with Kristiana Sunga

The Filipino owned and operated Social Kitchen & Brewery.
Apparently these two are famous.  But no idea who they are haha.

And my personal fave Filipino band…

Make your momma proud.  Know your roots.  MABUHAY!

Till the next episode…

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