Just got back from a week-long trip to my home away from home…Las Vegas.  My body is heavy in recovery mode.  But that’s expected.  When drinking…EVERY SINGLE DAY…for 8 straight days!

Fourth of July in Vegas is the best.  Reminds me of being a kid, when lighting fireworks in the neighborhood was the norm and everyone had a block party at dusk.  Well that’s Vegas now.  We do it up and have a pretty good (if I say so myself) light show to entertain ourselves and our neighbors.  Illegal?  Yes.  In Vegas, aka the modern day Wild Wild West?  Sometimes…ha!

Check out my pics below of what leaves Vegas.  But best believe what’s not below, stays in Vegas. 

I-5…the boringest straightaway in the history of the Universe.

M Resort Buffet

…where the menu surprisingly included ENDLESS lobsters…

…and mimosas.


She got grapes.

Now that’s what I call STACKED.

Nike Town Vegas




The spiders in Vegas are no joke.  This is apparently a Camel Spider.


and their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Poolside.  Because it’s a must out here. 


Oysters, tabasco and lemon…oh my.


Did I forget to mention?  Hot!!!

Buh bye Vegas!  Till we meet again!


Coalinga!  Can you smell?

I spy with my little eye…onions!

And tomatoes!

Feelin’ blase blase from last night’s partay.


Till the next episode…

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