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Independence Day at the Farm

On the 4th of July, went to a farm with the fam. It was a day of independence from urban life, smart phones and the computer.The drive there could give someone a headache or be a lot of fun for the driver, a lot of nice twisty roads.

Started off with corned beef hash and pancakes.

The country road was a little twisty.

Aiden had a chance to explore. Funny thing is, he would check the engine every now and then. He definitely needs a 4×4 though. This wasn’t cutting it. I ended up helping him out whenever he got stuck.

This Polaris is sick. It can climb and go around 40 MPH.

This is how the farmer fed the cows. I was wondering what that big tractor and trailer was. Aiden helped feed the cows

I never saw a bull in person, they are huge! This was the smaller bull too.

This is how to walk dogs. They loved it.

The drive home and touge. Some corners looked straight out of Initial D.

A hawk was chomping on this poor garter snake. Flew away as we drove by.

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