Flashback Friday – Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

Recently, the managing editor of Honolulu Magazine contacted me to run one of my photos in their August issue…so here it is, my first official publication feature!  “Larger Than Life – The Pow Wow Hawai’i art event happened back in February, but unless you love or work in Kaka’ako, you might not have seen all of the resulting murals hidden in the back streets and alleyways of the neighborhood.  There’s work from more than 30 artists in all – this piece is by Rone, originally from Melbourne, Australia, who worked day an night to complete the largest single painting of the event.  The whole collection is worth exploring on foot; check out a walking map pinpointing all the mural locations at”

…and the original photo from my Flickr…

Since the excerpt from Honolulu Magazine summarized the event well, I will simply add that being on site at many of these locations was truly an amazing experience as these artists transformed bland walls to artful murals.

Aaron De La Cruz and Jeff Hamada

Eddie Colla

Erik Otto



Will Barras


The event culminated in a celebration of the process and creation of art…

…the aftermath…

This is the first time I had ever heard of this…this is knitbombing!


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