Formula Drift Long Beach: From the Grid to The Wall

The 2014 Formula Drift season kicked off last weekend in sunny Long Beach, CA. Everyone has been anticipating this first of 7 events in the US this year. The excitement …


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Faster than you think

Without a camera, life becomes snapshots in your head. Some you remember, some you forget and as fast as it flys by, you only have those photos to look back on. I try and carry a camera with me wherever I go. Here’s some of the last 2 months thru my lens. I’ll keep pushing to blog more often. Have a good rest of your weekend.

The Daily. Blacked out 6 passenger and can drive over anything.

Went to the Los Angeles Gun Club. It gets pretty loud in there with everyone trying out their crazy ass guns.

Ben Baller dropped by our store in Los Angeles for a meeting. Congrats to the homie and his new born kid London.

East3 came thru and did a piece on the RWB side. Rough World.

I was invited to goto a classic skyline meeting. Stoked to see this many here stateside. I think the majority of skylines are on the west coast as I never see any or hear of any on the east.

Fireworks. Kids love them, kinda.

We dropped our announcement about our collaboration with Transformers. Stoked to see all this unfold. On September 21st, come to our LA or SF store for an awesome release and giveaway.

Brooklyn up in the air.

I love Japanese food.

Nakai hit me up about the Idlers 12 Hour race at Central Circuit. Stoked to be a part of it. It was extremely hot but well worth it.


We’re building up the GTR at the Paddock. Ill keep updating here.

Took the family to Hawaii for a little R&R. Definitely not as much of a break as I wanted but it was fun to just hang out for a few.


Our Infamous show happened as well. Josh and Andy on stage giving away awards for the winners. Definitely a fun event. Hope we can do something next year.

The illest B-Boy Battle was great to watch. It’ll just get better from here on out.

My good friend Emily Shen came thru. Awesome to see her career blossom.

RWB USA Cali Meeting. Missing Texas, Miami and Maryland.

Pandora One was re-sprayed back to its original color.

Here it is with its street wing. Definitely less attention grabbing as the track wing so this will be on til we hit the track later in November.

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  1. Hey Mark, great to get a glimpse into your life. Can’t wait to see what a GTR looks like with a big of Fatlace flavour. (yeah that’s how we spell flavor down these ways)


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