Hellaflush meets heels

Max Fouhy has a tradition of building cars that polarise opinion and his latest creation does exactly that, all over again.

Sitting pretty on a set of 14×8.5 -0  & 14 x9.5 -5  SSR mkIIs, this has all the swagger of a Bob Marley toting a couple of Tommy guns…

Fatlace fans, let me introduce you to Christina…

Suspension comes courtesy of a previous build of Max’s, S13 front conversion with BC Gold coilovers, complete with knuckles and S15 front brakes start to give you an idea of where we are going.  25mm spacers were added for good measure…

As a self professed car fan, Christina was the right woman to team up with ‘the beast’ for a spot of clicky clicky…

The Ke70 had a slight face lift during the build, the car was converted to an ae71 twin headlight front, complete with headlights trims, honeycomb grill, and a stash of other AE71 bits and pieces…

Christina quickly warmed to the old school stanced whip.

A lot of the time these ‘shakotan’ whips are designed to creep, and look pretty.  However this example as plenty of get up and go.

Clutch kicking in high heels?

Thanks to a Nissan S14 Sr20de engine, wired, with a factory Ecu 90-100KW generating about 140-160hp.  Next step is turbo-charging…

With the punishment this Corolla is subjected to, Max ensured it was built to take the strain, D2 adjustable 4-link arms and a D2 adjustable Panhard rod all play a part in the finished product of this KE.

It might not be everyones cup of tea but it’s packed with attitude and certainly gets you looking…

Poking out the rear of the car is a 2.5 inch full stainless exhaust kept as straight as possible & as high as possible to ensure Max could drop the KE as low as possible.

A big thanks to Christina for coming out! A gorgeous girl sitting pretty on your car is every guys dream…don’t say no either you liars!

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