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First Class Fitment V.3 by Canibeat

Finally! I finished editing all the shots from over 2 weeks ago! This event has proven to be amongst the best shows on the East coast, if not of the country. The quality, attention to detail and venue are unlike many other shows you will attend to.  Although this was the first time I’ve gone to FCF, my friends mentioned this was the largest it has been so far. This does not only show that the event has grown over the years, but that the fitment scene on the East coast keeps growing fast!

I regret not being able to stay until the end of the show to take advantage of the venue and the “perfect” light, but I think I got some pretty good shots.

I want to thank Dave, Cristian, and everyone else from Canibeat who worked so hard to make this one of the best shows of the season!

Make sure you scroll all the way through the bottom! There are over 100 shots to look at. If you see someone’s ride photographed, don’t forget to let him/her know!

It was freeeeeeezing!!! when we got up to get the cars ready… literally!








What makes this show very unique is obviously the venue. The constant movement of private aircraft is something you can’t experience at any other shows.










































































































































5 Responses to First Class Fitment V.3 by Canibeat

  1. Great coverage Sebastian. A ton of fantastic shots!

  2. These pictures are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing them!! I see a lot of inspiration for a few 1:24th scale models I’d like to build! Take care and keep up the great work!!!

  3. Ian Cole

    Love the very last picture, great end to a series.

  4. Andrew S.

    Nikon! Your photographs are amazing and they looked like they were shot with Nikon so no surprises here. But could you let us know what lens did you shoot with (the one with crazy dof and sharp as hell), I may suspect you went with 1.2-1.8 at 55-85mm, something like that, no?
    Thanks, Sebastian!


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