Just An Extra Ordinary Weekend

It was a weekend of getting out and doing nothing in particular…in the Bay.  Letting the road unfold to its destined path is sometimes how I like to roll.  So here’s a peek at what an ordinary weekend is like, from my not-so-ordinary point of view.  Because let’s face it…an ordinary day is always extra ordinary, in the Yay sweet Yay.  



What you know about Ikea food?Baby back ribs……and their famous Swedish meatballs.Cheap eats then Swede treats.A common sight at Ikea…trying to fit a watermelon through a wormhole.

Gettin’ in some work.  An order of alterations…cuz I’m all about my neverending hustle.


Keep it fresh when temps are steady rising.
Cafe Milano
A Berkeley institution.

Finish off the gorgeous weekend with refreshing cocktails……and extraordinary company.  Cheers!

See I picks my friends like I pick my fruit….


Weekly sports wrap.
Forty Niners at Jets

For the shut out!
3-1 #ninergang
Keep it up boys…stay hungry.

 Till the next episode…

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