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Oaktown is Kickin’ It

I’ve been hittin’ up First Fridays for a good minute and I gotta say…it’s WAYYY off the hook now.  The media finally got word of this monthly street party in Downtown Oakland so now everyone and their mama be comin’ out to feel the love.  And with the new addition of closin’ streets rather than let peeps overtake roads the party just gets bigger.

Clean whips, good eats and fresh beats.  Oaktown is straight kickin’ it.

I spy with my little eye…MJ love.aRan into my hula sis!  Once a dancer, always a dancer.  Chee…!!!  Crew love.Earth day blessings J! Welcome home to the Bay sweet Bay!
Team love.

Niners @ Bills
For the blow out!
And making history with a franchise record of 621 yards total offense!

And of course…
The torture is back with my orange and black!
But I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Let’s get game 4 boys.

 Till the next episode…

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