Word Up: Local Drift Land

A few weeks ago was our Word Up drift event, along with the Hellaflush car show. The day started early. We met up at the paddock at 6AM and left by 7. Met up with Felix, Jon, Lelsie, Joe, Brandon and the rest of the caravan.


At Rodeo we met up with Phillip. While we were rolling out a cop car pulled in the parking lot. I wonder if he was planning on sweating us. Car show setup took up the morning. A lot of the afternoon I was at the drift side of the show. If you watched Keiichi’s Drift Bible, he says something like, “just practice your donuts and 8’s at your local Drift Land.” I wished we had a local drift land, haha. Word Up is our version of Drift Land. This lot was smaller than the other Word Ups, so there wasn’t a skid pad for donuts and 8’s. It was straight to the track. All levels were there. There were tandems going on, and at one point it reached 9 cars, crazy!


Felix’s vert looks really nice with the Rockert Bunny Kit.

rocket bunny

Caught this Z on the way out.


This sticker was pretty funny.


The Gas gauge was trippin out the whole day, but I heard from Scott that’s normal.


Thanks Felix, Phillip, Scott and Mel  for drift pointers and helping me fix with the car through the day! Big Ups Mark for the drifting!

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