It’s pretty rare that I go to meets or well, Scratch that. Its super rare that I go to meets and actually be excited to attend and on top of that travel a good distance. Especially if my ass has to wake up at 6:30am! Haha, Thank god for the daylight saving switchback.  So this past weekend the guys of AutoFashionUSA threw their 6th Annual VIP festival held at their shop location down in San Diego. We’ve known the guys over at AF for quite a while, So I thought I’d come out and support their event!  I was lucky enough to hitch a ride with Mizzark in his M5.  Also joining along side with us the ride down was Ming, Owner of Standard Functions  w/ his awesome Infiniti M45. So I get picked up bright and early, We load up take a quick pit stop and set sail down the good ol’ 5 freeway. When we got to the the shop the meet was already madness! AutoFashions private lot was packed to the max. The neighboring building’s parking lots were overrunned with quite a lot of cars. Luckily it was sundays and most of the neighbors were closed. The turn out of cars was Great, Quality of cars was top notch & the people were overall behaved. Minus a couple Idiots speeding their way off hopefully into a ticket or a blown motor.

Anyways, overall the event was awesome! Best of the best VIP cars out in the scene today at one locations. People visiting from numerous states and  staying that extra week after being in town for SEMA in vegas. It was a big detour but it was well worth it. More than just the cars, It was great to be in good company of old and new friends. Great job to the Autofashion gang for throwing such a dope event. Definitely cant wait till next year. Just gave me a little more inspiration for own GS430 project. We’ll for sure see you next year!

Enjoy the coverage guys.

Early bird catches the worm! But this night owl wanted more sleep -_-. I sadly can’t sleep in a car for the life of me. So SNAP AWAY it is.

Rep where you stay’

More and more road -_- but after 100 miles or so we finally exit

Ming of Standard Functions dippin a long side with us.

We finally pull in and luckily had a spot reserved for us. Thanks Freddy!


Fred Gapasin & Kenny Chung to the left Instagram racing 😛


After a long journey we’re here and parked!

and!!! Shit, We’re stuck…. It got packed quickly

As you can see a packed house from AutoFashion

And the surrounding lots.

What i’d do to get my hands on a old school 4 Door Skyline *Holds hands out*


Ojay & fellow HellaFlush Blogger shows up always LYKA BOS in his first gen LS400



HellaFlush Approved Certified

Why hello Ojay




AirRunner USA was also their displaying so we took a visit to their booth.


They were also offering test rides in one of their LS430 equipped w/ full AirRunner kit. How awesome is that!




Big Steve & Wes rocking their AF Shirts. Make sure to pick up they’re tee’s online & at their events 😉

Big steve snapping a shot of his ride

Big Steve’s LS400



Finally stepping foot into the infamous AutoFashion USA. Here’s owner Freddy Fernandez on the mic all day, Keeping the crowd entertained. Magic mic time! No not the movie… Nevermind…

Daddy Leon and Baby Tae making the journey from LA as well. I kid you not, Tae has been to more car shows and car meets than he can count… Cause really he can count yet… get it… jk… But really hes going to grow up schooling all the kids his age about cars.

HKS Styled Honda ruckus in the AutoFashion showroom. Please do not sit, owner will shoot you.

some of too many trophies in the shop.


This LS430 from SquadOne has been on of my favorite builds this year. From it’s one off body kit to a fullly custom bright red leather interior. I absolutely LOVE this car. I’ve actually been a fan of squad one for years now. I still remember watching one their old YouTube vids way back when. Their style was great then and even greater now. The owner of this LS took it to another level and made a gorgeous ride.





Props to the owner of this more than well build LS.


DaYUMM! in the house! snapping away


Carl’s Zamuco Lexus IS always sitting nice. Heard a little of his future plans with his IS and cant wait to see it!


This vendor was kept busy the whole day…

I can see why.


Take notes to who ever throws a meet or a show. Give free water and they will come… Thanks to Penske San Diego for the water hook up!


Im a big fan of Wagons and Vans. This first Gen Honda Odyssey caught my attention from far away. Full Garson Kit on AirRunner suspension. I also had a chance to chat with the owner. He was coming all the way from Texas! wow. Thats some dedication for a car meet! He did attend SEMA the week before but thats one awfully big detour. But I’m glad he made the trip. This odyssey was definitely a favorite of mine



caught HF Blogger Ojay Challenging this kid to a Razor race! Ojay shortly fell after and the kid one. Ojay got a HelloKitty Bandaid while the kid took Glory.

SOC Booth w/ model Janey B.

This is one FJ I would not mind owning or guzzling gas with. Those Mag Blue TE’s just a great match for this car! Love it


AutoFashion FRS. As many FRS shown this past weekend at Sema and online. This is one of my favorites cause aside from a couple other FRS owners  I know. I actually see this one driven around.


TE37 & FiveAxis kit makes a great look to this new sports compact




Always awesome to see Hellaflush/Slammed Society fans out there.







They was also a wide variety of pets… From Pet Dogs too


Pet bearded dragons… Wait, what? he had a leash and everything. No Joke.

I like to call this picture “The Honda Kings” haha. We have Joey to the right of the very popular Honda blog “The Chronicles” (Stickydiljoe.com) to the left DPK David featured on Import Tuner & In the back Big Mike who was just featured front cover of Honda Tuning! Congrats to him.

Buy your issue now while its still out and chase him to have him sign it…

Noel of CANIBEAT FRS… 3 words. Must Be Nice…

Sorry Noel I had too, HAHA. Compliments of @StyleOverComfort hehee…


ItsJDMyo! Tony & May


Freddie raffling off some prizes

This dude won a JDM pencil cup holder… Did I say that right?


Walking randomly and a GoPro fly right by my feet…

Mizzark and Ming starving for food at this point….

Joey aka Stickydiljoe snapping away white Phaze2 Mizzark trolling in the background of this shot.

Ran into my goodfriend Jay of JDM ego and Fatlace! (right) and met another Jay of 5&aDime. Chatted for a good 15 mins of life and life and more life. Good times.


Tetsuya Yamaguchi who runs USDM Jam over in Japan making his way to VIP Fest!


ISF sitting on some beautiful TE’s can never go wrong w/ TE’s




Black on Black on Black. I didnt know this but Lexus actually made a JDM Emblem cover! The owner of this one got it tinted but I would of never known who in the world made these.

My good friend Hiro of KCtrading all the way from JapanLand saying his farewell’s in style!

And gifting our friend Nitty … Sriracha…

Hey nothing wrong with sriracha as a gift. shit is good!



John showing up toward the end of the meet w/ his NSX. True filipino time manner…


Freddie Gifting me this cool VIP Festival coin! Thanks you sir!
1 hour later I was sad to find out there was no chocolate inside. It was a sad car ride home :( hah I kid.

After a long day It was back on the 5 North back home to LA.

Cruising into the sunset

2 hour drive & 2 hours of Instagram to entertain my needs…

Thanks again to Freddie & The AF Family for the hospitality! It was great and cant wait till next year!


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  1. 06/11/2012 at 10:31 am

    so awesome! thanks for documenting our trip buddy. good times were had by all

  2. 06/11/2012 at 10:39 am

    Nice shots Yogi!

  3. john cena
    06/11/2012 at 12:02 pm

    i wish i went they’re to airrunner too there booth looks sick. hope their gonna be theyre next year.

  4. Jeremy
    06/11/2012 at 1:31 pm

    that’s a bearded dragon…

    • 06/11/2012 at 2:04 pm

      For some reason I knew i would be corrected. haha thanks!

  5. Kenny Chung
    06/11/2012 at 9:29 pm

    Dope coverage as always Yogi!

    • 06/11/2012 at 10:17 pm

      Thank you sir!

  6. Tony
    08/11/2012 at 2:09 am

    The Black on Black on Black LS430 does not have a JDM emblem cover, lol. All 2004-2006 LS430 Ultra Luxury models have that emblem cover. Cars seen with this type of grille have factory air suspension, rear fridge/cooler, back massagers, etc.

  7. Johnfob
    09/11/2012 at 4:30 pm

    Thank you for the pics :) xoxo hahaha