Random Shibuya

For some reason I find myself writing about Japan alot more than any other places. Probably cause it’s one of my favorite places to go. I usually stay in Shibuya when Im visiting cause its very familiar. Next year, however, I’ll be staying in different citys just to change it up a bit. Here’s some photos from the last trip.

I really enjoy seeing G-wagen’s in Japan. Probably cause theres so many.

We stayed at the Westin all week.

The normal JR Ride. Its not busy yet…

A rare site (although there’s a D90 club in JP).

They’ve moved back to the old location after a remodel.

Kenny was amused by the turtles.

Roaming Harajuku.

This was one large garbage bag and they were having a party inside of it.

Mandarake. Toys for days.

Shibuya. End.

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