Ryan from QuestCrew visits with his DMC DeLorean

So im outside and out of blue I see this DeLorean parked across the street. The locals were stoping and staring. While motorist driving by slowed down to take a glance at this beauty. No matter what Stock, modified or in full time machine glory its always dope to see one of these around. You cant help thinking back when you were a kid watching the movie “Back To The Future”. I myself and every kid wanted one when they grew up.  So I run across to grab a couple shots. Then I noticed a bunch bright gold Party Rock Emblems and a QuestCrew sticker on the side. Later on when I already returned to the store I noticed a couple of the members walked  one being Ryanimay. I put two and two together and that equals four. Jk.

Im very familiar with a lot of the Dancers & Dance crews out in the scene from previous affiliation with dance management I used to do way back when. We chatted up for a bit spoke about his car quickly and talked about the dance world in general. Its was great chopping it up. Thanks for coming by Ryan! Hope to see you around again.








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