Speed, Styling & Luxury All-In-One with Phaze2Mizzark’s BMW M5

So this afternoon I get a message from Vince saying my new lense has arrived. I got all gitty and excited that I rushed to Illest LA as soon as I could. I was super anxious & really excited that I wanted to test it out so I called on no one better then my Bestfriend Mark Ilaya. Also best known as Phaze2Mizzark. He recently purchased  one of his dream cars this past summer and quickly got to work on it. Since then the cars received some basic mods, But just enough to turn this speedy 4 door into a showstopper.  We set the rendezvous point this afternoon to Little Tokyo and drove to the shoot location just down the street.  I dont have much to say more than this and its getting pretty late. So I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Haha sorry. Its been a long day.

Thanks again to Mizzark for coming out tonight.
Enjoy Guys!

Set the shoot at a popular location on Myers street in downtown LA


Custom set of Leon Hardiritt Orden made to fit from Japanese lug pattern to Euro. Not only this being one of Mizzarks favorite wheels next to the Meisters. We used to always talk about these wheels because of our late friends John Pham who owned a set of Ordens on his LS400. Its always a pretty cool reminder when we think back on them.




Shot out to Autofashion USA for hosting us this weekend over @ VIP Festival!



CLS trunk giving it that perfect and aggressive race styling





Neo Chrome Lug Nuts

Phaze2 & Fatlace Family



Instagramming during our shoot. Make sure to follow him @Phaze2Mizzark!

Thats a lot of Ponys!




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    nicely done Yogi