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Arto Saari on Photography | Inside Alli Sports

I friend of mine put me onto this video of pro skater, professional photographer and all-around good guy Arto Saari as he begins his transition from full-time skating to photography. After meeting him at the iZZi Gadgets, “LA Enhanced,” event I started following his work a bit more. With most things his journey into photography began as he was surrounded by other photographers and had a need to document his travels and what was around him. I feel like this is a similar journey that I’ve been taking over the past couple years. Check out this video to learn about his story.

“It’s just my excessive camera hobby developed from there.” – Arto Saari

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John P

John P

Resides in Downtown Long Beach, CA and worked the agency life for a number of years before moving into the freelance world where he specializes in PR, marketing and photography. When not traveling with the Formula DRIFT series, he can be found surfing, watching MMA, or building various project cars.

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