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My last two posts were short and sweet due to the holidays.
But that also means I’ve got myself a nice little compilation of happenings from the past couple weeks.
Apparently staycay does not equal R&R.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining in the least.
All signs of the year to come.  Because as me and my girls say…
“We’ll sleep when we die.”

So here are my snippets…
of 2012 endings…and 2013 beginnings.


Gifts handmade with love for mah girls AKA ninja boos.
Au naturel materials consist of leather, metal and hemp cord.
Vape.Dank winoz.

Ran into some ol’ skool homies.  We goes WAYYY BACK.She git it from her mama.I spy with my little eye…
the Wienermobile!Holiday traditions.  Ice skating in Union Square.Love Oakland Art Gallery and Shop…
where you’ll find graff legends
BAM, Kraze1, EastThree, Crayone and Nate1 on the walls…
and now carrying MaryJane’s handmade spray can tip earrings.
Can’t Fail CafeTuna MeltGrilled Cheese w/ tomato and pestoMake WestingWe heart rings!Xolofor coffee and dessertsA lil’ bit of N’awlins in Uptown.Kingpin Disco
the annual bowling, beats and booze holiday party
where game recognize game in the Bay mayne.
Mixcrate & PapaloteDJ Ry ToastMister FATLACERide SFOGame 1J-BillionGame 2The MAYORGame 3
Team MaryJane Lane #37First Fridays!DREAM TDK rings from the fam Lil’ John
along with one of a kind card love from DIME…
PRICELESS!!!  Street party!I spie with my little eye…ha!Over the Edge | MadC | 1:AM GalleryIn Niner Gang news…
Let’s grate some cheese!!!

Till the next episode…

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  1. wyn
    10/01/2013 at 12:15 am

    dope post! keep’em comin! :)

    • 10/01/2013 at 11:35 am

      Ay yo Wyn! Thanks for reading!!! Much love.