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The Hunt

Once in a while you regret things in life and...


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Pow Wow Hawaii 2013

While it only took me a little over a week to finish these photos…the art, the memories, and the friendships of Pow Wow Hawaii 2013 will remain.  In its fourth year of great success and increased participants, the Pow Wow family plans to share this years experience with the world through the production of a book and film.  More information about their Kickstarter iniative here.  See my photos from last year’s Pow Wow here and check out the artists linked below!

HanasaurusrexVers HawaiiShark ToofMeggs and PhibsRone and WonderfreshKatch 1Madsteez Vers HawaiiCKaweekSDabs and MylaOrly LocquiaoErik Otto

Vers HawaiiSamuel RodriguezKamea HadarFaith47

 Katch 1Lucky OleloShark Toof and Woes, and Willie T shootingYoskayMadsteezDabs and Myla, OG Slick, and 123KlanRoneAs in proper Pow Wow fashion, the event culminated in a celebration of the process and creation of art…in the form of a block partyAnd what remains…Shark Toof and WoesRone and Wonderfresh

Katch 1Orly and SamMeggs and Phibs Dabs and Myla, OG Slick, and 123KlanRone and Kamea

11 Responses to Pow Wow Hawaii 2013

  1. Stanley Yamada

    Anthony, great job of covering Pow Wow!

  2. That is some good art right there. What an event. Need something like that in every city.

  3. Great coverage Anthony!

  4. I keep coming back… it’s just too good!!! Thanks again and again Anthony!

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone!

  6. This is so awesome. Hawaii has so much talent! These photos are amazing Anthony!!!

  7. I’ve browsed through a lot of Pow Wow Hawaii posts and I must say, your photographs forreal make me feel like I got to witness Pow Wow’s art happen.


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