Hellaflush Jakarta, After Sunset

As we Announced the Hellaflush Top 10 winners the clouds came in and poured down, I started to dread the show being washed out, literally. Luckily it came down just long enough to get the crowds out of the way so we could move their cars up in front of the stage and it stopped. Thankfully the rain also made some great photos possible! We gave the awards out to the Thankful participants as the sun set and handed things over to the DJ. And I finally got to concentrate on taking photos.

take a look at our top ten cars and their owners

Our top pick and one of the three Hellaflush approved cars at the show.


Here are the other 2 official Hellaflush approved rides.

There were a lot of great cars unfortunately not all of them stuck around for the evening, here are some that did.


Closing the show down here is Freddy the man that got it all done in his GTI

As we headed to dinner the DJ was still playing, he did an awesome job mixing in some old school tracks like Salt’n’Pepa and House of Pain among others.

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  2. Pop's
    11/03/2013 at 3:00 pm

    Sweet Rides nice work. congrat’s