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The Perfect Combination

Shop then dine.
It’s like eat then sleep.
The perfect combination.

Especially when the shopping is at the grand opening of my girl’s second (YES SECOND) boutique.
This absolutely gorgeous shop carries dainty and simple classic jewelry pieces, from her own line as well as other designers with the same aesthetic.
Where besides jewelry you’ll also find other accessories such as scarves, bags and wallets.
  The jewelry designer turned street vendor
turned multi-city pop up shop turned multi-STATE pop up shop turned multi boutiques carrying her line turned owner of her very own shop
turned owner of TWO shops…is a friend and most definitely my mentor, who I will always
remember as being one of the first people to tell me “just do it”.
And so I did.  And apparently, so did she.

Started the evening with lights
then topped it off with delights.

Dinner with the best…is the best. 

Bay Bridge light show!So proud of you Liza!!!Shop Azil BoutiqueAndaluRound 1Beet and Arugula SaladBrussel SproutsCambazola Fondue with Fuji Apples and PearsOlivesCrispy Mac and CheeseButternut Squash RavioliRound 2Dessert SamplerCame home with SWAG!No…thank you!!!

Till the next episode…

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