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From NorCal to SoCal

Road trips are the best.  Just pack your weekend bag, load up the iPod, hop in the car and go.
Go somewhere…new.  Go…eat something different.  Go…wherever the wind blows.

You already know though.  You only live once, that’s the motto…

From NorCal to SoCal.
It’s all California love.

The windmills.
Marking the start or the finish.
Every day is a new beginning.I5The Grapevine.
When you know LA is on the other side.Lo and behold!  Traffic!Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQBiscuits with Apple ButterSouthern Fried Dill PicklesGumboSmoked BBQ Half ChickenBBQ Two Meat Combo PlatterThe babies love to read.  Just like their Mammy.
But the dog doesn’t.
Gina’s PizzaSanta MonicaI spy with my little eye…
…but I don’t know why.Never too far from home.Brandy MelvilleKeyword…most.P.S.A.The Grove LATopshop TopmanFarmers Market LABob’s Coffee & DonutsDylan’s Candy BarFor the #ninjaboos.For the #queens.And for the (BReaking BAd) #fiends.
#McLarenNormsPorto’s to go.Accidentally came across the world’s oldest McDonald’s still in existence.SoCal trees!I spy with my little eye…an illest slap!All good things must come to an end.
Buh bye SoCal!!!Cali spreads its love worldwide.This dog goes places.Porto’s potato balls……for breakfast, lunch and in between!

Till the next episode…


P.S.  For the ladies I’ve got a beauty secret to share…I recently started getting lash extensions from my fave hairstylist.
She’s doing a $65 full set special (which is an INSANE price for those that don’t know) and refills for $15 for the entire month of April.
Hit her up and let her know Christine sent ya!

This is Lily…she’s the BEST and I can’t live without her haha!!!

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