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SIGG Switzerland

SIGG Switzerland produces recyclable aluminum drinking bottles. The bottles have a great design and are also good for the planet. Each bottle is durable and lasts a long time along with being 100% recyclable. For the past month I’ve been testing out a couple of the bottles and have come to use them for my daily activities from commuting (fits great inside the cup holder of many vehicles), at the gym and even to the beach.

One of the new features that SIGG has is the Active Top, which is a rotary slide valve control system that gives you options with the amount of liquid you want to be dispensed depending on the mode you are in. You can even relieve pressure from carbonated beverages by turning the dial to the “air” mode to release the pressure that has been built up and then to “open” mode to be able to take a drink without it exploding or spilling. There is also a “Clean” mode that allows to dismantle and reassemble the top to be able to hygienic clean the bottle top. The “Close” position makes the bottle spill proof, which comes in handy when you throw the bottle around in a gym bag or in a beach bag.

An additional feature of the Active Top is that you can take a drink without having to lift or tilt the bottle since it has an internal straw system. Very helpful while driving. However, the Active Top does take some getting used to in using the straw system as you must bite down and suck at same time to drink properly. The Active Top is extremely light weight, durable and completely BPA and phthalate free. Due to it’s aluminum composition, it is completely recyclable at the end of it’s long life.

The SIGG for Cuipo Capsule Collection is something that is very important. Cuipo, a social enterprise whose mission is rainforest conservation through creative brand campaigns attempts to save the rainforest one meter at a time. The design that I selected to constantly remind me to help the planet, “Be the Solution. Not the Cause,” is great and I’ve had other people start to take notice and ask where they can get one and how they can be involved. For each bottle sold, Cuipo will let you select your own square meter of forest within the Panamanian rainforest that will be protected in your name – you must go to their website and use your unique activation code that comes with the bottle.

To find out more go to www.mysigg.com

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