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Slammed Society at Formula Drift Long Beach

Why Hello Everybaddy! It’s that time of the year again.  It’s the start of what I believe is the “Car show season”. Also it’s round 1 of the couldn’t come any sooner Formula Drift at Long Beach. This particular event is personally one of my favorite that I look forward to the most. More than the fancy and flashy cars. Or, the roar of brand new, healthy, uncrashed drift cars with the amazing scent of fresh tire smoke in the air we all love! I particularly come for my long lost friends who travel the country and even the around the world just to all meet at this awesome event. Its a yearly reunion where we don’t have to @tag each other or comment on each others “wall”. Its one huge party in the 10 hours we all get to spend with each other, with what we love!

Thats right. Horchata & Burritos! Jk.

Anyways, We were blessed with a nice cool overcast throughout the whole day. We had a few drops throughout the day which didn’t affect much. But, I’m sure that everyone prefers it over what could of been a hot and blazing event. Fat people and heat don’t go well together, I know this from experience. The drifting, always amazing & spectacular. All the teams and drivers always put on a great competitive show.  The SS showcase brought a very nice variety of cars. Some of our favorite past cars attended with a few new twists and even some brand new car’s we’ve never seen here in SoCal. Our team at Fatlace definitely put on a great show for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Great music, Good vibes & Awesome cars! Now on to the pictures….


 The track was hot & charred from Qualifying & Practice.


Frederick Asbo & Illest Brand sponsored driver Dai Yoshihara going hard at it. Dai ended up winning and taking first at round one! We’re all very happy over here at Fatlace/Illest brand!

A really good thing FD did this year was actually being strict and screen all media request. I didn’t have to fight for elbow room to take a couple shots, I was very happy.

After top 32 turned into top16. The Slammed Society showcase got packed! Imagine everyone in the grandstands flocking into our area all at once. It was all hectic.

Slammed Society; California, USA 2013

Here’s one particular car everyone couldn’t wait to lay their eyes on. Making it’s debut here in Southern California, The Fatlace Ben Sopra Skyline GTR.

As soon as the hood popped, So did many heads dislodging from their heads.

A line formed to get a shot of this beauty.

Also another SoCal Debut, The Fatlace Rocket Bunny FR-S. The FR-S made it’s way down a few weeks prior to the Skyline Coming. It was getting tuned over at our friends at Vortech and made a few appearances 0ver at a few selected car meets in the last week.

Cant help but stop and stare sometimes.

Some special made trophies made specific to our Long Beach Event.

Our good friend & resident DJ over at Illest LA supplying with some tunes throughout the day. He snuck in a little “Harlem Shake” to get everyone in the mood. You’d be suprised how many people actually went nuts when they heard the song. Haha.

Its Mad Mike! ^ No a different Mad Mike.  Also DJ Serts in the background photobombing. Don’t know if you guys remember him, He was one of the main guys on that show on MTV “Pimp My Ride” I saw him take a few photos of my car at the event. I wonder if he liked it.

For those who says Mark Arcenal never attends his shows. He does, Just always a ninja about it. Today’s event, He brought his daughter Skylar to join all the fun. Doing his business as well as Daddy duties.

For being such a good girl she gets to go to Disneyland the very next day!

The master photographers making their rounds. Linhbergh, Will Rogge & If I remember correctly. John Sibal all huddling up and chatting it up.

The stands were packed at this sold out event.

Danh T. Phan in on the action & snipping away

As I was shooting a lead car, I noticed a car was missing behind it. Then I hear a big “OHHHHHHH!!!!!” from the audience. Few minutes later this came around. Ouch. Hurt me so much the lense went out of focus.

My good friend, Ken Gushi giving great performance throughout the day. Giving a awesome name to the FRS and closing in tightly to VGJr. Couldn’t of picked a better driver for that car.

I cheered and cheered for him and hope he would make it to the top 4. VGjr somehow had the upperhand and took it. I was rooting for you Ken! Remember that! Hah.

John Sibal’s Challenger looking mighty fine!

The boys and girls of Royal Origin making their presents known. One of the bigger teams to attend that day.

A couple years ago. This particular car & owner (Shavi). Decided to go over a DirectTV Line and destroy a very expensive amount of cables… OOPS… now he’s a HF blogger… You past the test. LOL



My friend Mike Vo of LuxLIFE wraps with his sick Job Design 3GS and wrapped himself.

Sloppy’s Fit & Vinces Air Oddysey

Luigi Arroyo’s all new and redone S2k

@Johnfobmovment making an appearance as well!

JayCrayyy Royal Flush RSX

Shoved my lense into JonChows Face and snapped away



Johnny Dip all new redone 2GS. I Am Lovin It.

Michael Mao’s NSX. Later that evening SpeedHunters choose his car to be featured on their site. #Iamthespeedhunter

A very sexy 2002! Rod Chong over at Speedhunters came up to me ignoring the 100+ cars we had and simple asked me “Wheres that 2002 I saw earlier!” A very popular car that day.

Low and slow, Making the impossible fitment possible.



Danny George. I was actually very excited to see this car on the track and making top 32. Through the help of Social Media & Generous donations from his friends & fans. He was able to fund his FD 2013 season! If you donated a X amount of money. He put a picture of you on different sections of the car. How cool, yeah? Im glad it worked out for him. I don’t know him personally but later saw him that evening after the event was over and congratulated him and got a high-five. If donations are still open! Please help him out. He deserves it.

It was a long day and we were all hungry. Especially Andy_Fatlace


Stopped by the Alpinestars Booth. My good friend Chris Hull in the BG & Fatlace sponsored Matt Fields signing some autographs for the fans.


Another Fatlace Sponsored Driver over at the AlpineStars Booth, Matt Powers. His track race suite is the best by far anyone has every come up with. I’ve always been a fan of Powers but this just topped it off.

Big Abe gave his Wheel a rest and cooled down with a radiator. Hah, get it.

My goodfriend Haylee over at the SpoCom Booth hitting everyone with her Umbrella. I still cant see out of my left eye. THANKS. Jk.

Kei Miura also made an appearance! Nice enough to take photo’s with all his fans. If you don’t know who this man is. You should be ashamed. Goto Google and do your research kid.

Rick of Vortech showing me the face you get when stomping on the pedal with a Vortech SC installed. He nailed it.

Noel Barnum’s not so Ordinary Rocket Bunny FRS! Not only did he add a Vertex front & side skirts. He also Vortech supercharged that bad boy and went a different route  with AirREX Digital air suspension. The air suspension equipped is actually designed to take some tight corners while having the conviences of airing up your car to get over those evil speedbumpers. He also makes those faces Rick makes while driving his car around.

Jonathan Wong, Editor in Chief of the famous Superstreet Mag.

Autofashion/TrendyVape FRS

Ojay Bayang Previa turning all necks in different directions.

One of the most talked about cars at the event.

These little girls showing everyone what being slammed was all about!

Our friend Ming of @StandardFunctions M45 on TE37SL’s
Im still in Love Love Love with his car. Sorta an inspiration behind my car.
But dont get to full of yourself Ming. Hahaha jk.

This wraps up my coverage of FD: Slammed Society. Be sure to check back for more coverage from our other bloggers. Now here’s a cute picture Of Skylar. Oh and Dat.

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  1. Charles
    16/04/2013 at 9:21 am

    Low n slow comment. That is not impossible fitment when both of those cars are bagged.

  2. Rob
    16/04/2013 at 7:29 pm

    event looks like it was awesome. still bummed the bay area date was cancelled

  3. 16/04/2013 at 10:33 pm

    Great pics. This was a fun event.

  4. Cbaz
    17/04/2013 at 7:00 am

    Thats whats good YOGI, this CBaZ From Longo Lexus, keep bring your ride by. hit me up when you going by again. Peace

    22/04/2013 at 11:32 am

    facepalm…… the R35 is not a Skyline

    22/04/2013 at 11:42 am

    calling people out for not knowing Kei Miura when you don’t even know basic info about the R35 GTR? “You should be ashamed. Goto Google and do your research kid.”

  7. swag.
    23/04/2013 at 9:10 pm

    Its Matt Field.