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One, Two…

…THREE…   …years of blogging for Fatlace!...


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Friends of the Brand

We just had a small & private preview of our new Illest Headquarters in Costa Mesa. I was able to take some photos of some friends who blessed us with their presence. Thank you to everyone who support the brand.

Designer extraordinaire Jon Sibal rolled thru with his wifey, Suzanne.

Friend & (streetfighter) Foe, Ben Baller blessed us not only with his Yeezy J4s but with his RR Ghost.

Justin Williams has been a friend of mines for almost 20 years now. Time flies man. Thank you.

Jim Liaw of Formula Drift came thru with his Wife & Kids. Thanks Jim

Kenji Sumino of Greddy & Greg Hatton of JS7 came thru.

International Fatlace Sponsored Drifter, Surfer and now Model, Matt Powers came thru.

Grey playing tricks on Bakari Howard (Falken Tire) & Friend.

OMG.. is that? Yes it is.. A Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione blesses our new hq.

The shop at night.

With the crew. BJ & Rob from Crooks & Castles rolled thru. Thank you.

John Pangilinan & Kenji (Greddy)

Jon Feld, one of our designers with Donovan & Jen who run our Illest B-Boy Battle.

Michelle, Brian, Jon, Kim, Yogi & Max. Fatlace Crew.

Interior shot of the store.

Jackie, Leslie, Marc, Me, Brian, Max, Michelle, Kim & Felix from Illest Brand.

That Dogzilla came thru.

Chillin in the back.

Gabe & Rene from Hanger Shortage came thru. JohnP in the shot as well.

Ning & Noah of Carfiend. If you dont have the app, get it here. Vitamin Water saved the day nourishing us after a day in the sun. Thank you.

Ian & Erin came thru to curate the Gallery Opening. Mainly Nike designers it truly was something special. Thank you Dat for shooting some of these photos!

The pre-opening event got pretty busy.

Brian decided that carrying Teru was the easiest way to bring him back to the hotel.

The Foamposite Unicorn

The only way to predict the future is to invent it.

Tomorrow, I’ll post opening day. It was crowded and civil. Thank you for repping our brand. We really appreciate the love.

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