Pre-Grand Opening: Industry Night At Illest OC

Last night we celebrated the long awaited and highly anticipated launch of our newest store and Southern California Headquarters, ILLEST: Orange County. Not only is it a retail store, it’s also a design studio, art gallery, and a showroom for some of our toy’s and future collaborative projects. One of the toys happens to be Mark Arcenal’s infamous Hakosuka Skyline. It’s already a very rare sight to see a 72′ Skyline in the states, but now you can go take a short trip if your in the surrounding area’s and see it in person. When our little warehouse turned in the now HUGE Fatlace Paddock, or what I personally liked to call the NorCal Fantasy Factory, Haha! Many of our loyal customers from our sister store trekked over to the Paddock in San Mateo to see some of the fun things we do over at Paddock. So with the recent shut down and relocation of our store in San Francisco’s Japan town to OC, the guys were able to bring a little piece of the Fatlace Paddock to us, 360 miles down south.

A few weeks ago, we sent out a special invite to our close friends and family to join us for the grand opening of our new Illest Headquarters. We had a great turn out with last night with a lot of VIP’s in the car and clothing industry’s came out to give us some of their love and support. Enjoy the coverage!



For those who’ve never visited our store in SF’s Japan town, It was from what I remember, a good 500 square feet? More or less, basically not that big! As much as I will personally miss that location, we’ve moved to this huge building.

Already from the outside you can see Mark Arcenal’s Hakosuka Skyline breaking some necks at a stand still. We’ll get to some more photo’s of her soon….

The interior of the new Illest HQ looks so good! Very well thought out by our staff.

Now for the tour of the inside. Agian, If you’ve visited our store in Japantown SF. You may remember a lot of the interior furnishing’s, But with a whole lot more!  This side is the retail section of the building.

Justin and Jay the newest members to join the FTLC/Illest Familia. Getting ready and prepped for tomorrows public grand opening. Even when our guest and visiting staff was eating, drinking and mingling. These two were hard at work so tomorrows opening go’s smooth, And it did 8).

Good vibes and great tunes for everyone’s hearing plesure

This side we bring you the art gallery and showroom.

a Beautiful Honda CB on display. Thank you Stan from Toyo Tires who lent it to us for the week.


Here’s a few of many pieces on display and from what I know, Available for purchase if it’s to your liking 😉


The Skyline, beautiful in pictures, even better in person. A must see!

I wonder if there’s a price tag on this thing. Not that I could ever afford it -_-*

Once’s you’re done starring  at this beautiful car, You can check out the variety of clothing styles and prints.

Many, Many, Many and Many more to choose from!

Our good friend, Master digital automotive art rendering and car builder Jon Sibal coming to support!


Also car tuner and builder Rj De Vera checking out some of the Art on display with his Buddy.


Now let’s join the fun on the outside!

Here I catch Hayle Cayaga munching on the catered DogZilla, YUM!.

Ben Baller, Celebrity Jeweler, Street Fighter master and great friend of the company in attendance.

John Park of ID Agency and Mark Arcenal chit chatting.

Here I am, About to take a candid shot of Formula Drift Driver and Fatlace Sponsored Driver, Matt Powers. Then Max Nagano one of our staff up at the Paddock ruin’s it and gives away the camera…

Take two!  There is no camera *Jedi Wave* DAMMIT FELIX! hahaha

Mark Arcenal and good friend Noah Hurwitz.

Recently, Noah & Mark launched a new App for all you car lover’s called CarFiend. Imagine Instagram, but for car’s only. SOLD! The app is now available in the Apple iTunes store. Download it MEOW.

I downloaded it at Midnight the day it released 8) Very cool app with awesome cars of all kinds.

Mark being a busy man. He still finds the time to shoot for everyone’s viewing pleasure. You’ll probably find his blog up in a few days once his phone stops ringing and buzzing! Here he is shooting John Pangilinan and friends.


Here’s John P’s Hyundai Veloster sitting right outside the parking entrance.

Never a moment Mark isn’t being pulled away to get some photo ops. Ben Baller about to call it a night and take’s one last photo for the road.

Often I go on Instagram and troll to leaving comments like, MBN = Must be nice. Ben Baller’s Rolls Royce, Now I will use this literally, MUST BE NICE! I now have the urge to buy a lottery ticket.


Hayle, Jeff, Keith, someone’s back of the head and social medialess Kevin Sanches in line’s for second’s, maybe fifth’s of the DogZilla truck. YES, it’s that good.

Congratulations to Mark Arcenal for another successful opening. This man truly works hard and deserves all of this success in life. Great person, awesome boss and very good friend  *thumbs up* round of applause!

 “None but ourselves can free our minds…”

Big shout out and Thanks to Vitamin Water! For supplying the refreshments for our guest that evening!

Check back soon for Grand Opening coverage and more coverage of this event’s from our other bloggers.

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