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Agenda Long Beach Highlights

Twice a year, Long Beach plays host to the Agenda tradeshow. It’s always great to be able to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. There were tons of great brands on display with amazing product, but not everything can be shown or seen through just one blog post as with many tradeshows it gets quite hectic with each person in the booth working to actually sell their product and run a business. So here are a few highlights seen through my eyes.

Illest displayed their next collection of gear that includes new t-shirt designs, hats and a few stand out pieces.  The next look book will showcase these designs soon.

Mophie showcased their line-up of charging accessories.  I’m really digging the Juice Pack reserve for on the go travel.

Mophie’s line-up of cell phone cases range from the ultra lightweight Juice Pack Helium to the extended battery case, the Juice Pack Plus.

Another interesting product that they showcased is the OutRide.  There is even a waterproof version, which could be great for selfies at the river or beach.

Lastly, the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation PRO not only provides ample extra battery life, but is durable enough to withstand impact and drops.  It is also resistant to water and tough enough for sand and dust and can be used with virtually any USB device.

Full reviews of some of these products from Mophie to come soon.

Still one of my favorite brands is Poler.  I really like their lifestyle approach to the great outdoors.  They make camping cool.

One of my favorite reads is What Youth, a lifestyle surf mag with great photography and content.

Electric Visual showcased a few new styles and colorways in their sunglasses.

Electric also featured for the first time their new line of timepieces.

This style was my favorite as I really like canvas straps.

Flexfit partnered with Agenda to produce this hat to commemorate 10 years of the tradeshow.

Flexfit also showcased artwork by Kevin Butler #radcarswithradsurfboardsonthem – Check out his Tumblr

Flexfit | Base Camp partnered with Herschel feat. Kevin Butler to produce this work of art.  This was probably the best display of the tradeshow.

Alpinestars showcased their latest cut and sew collection along with hats and more.

These are the new Alpinestars headphones produced by Aerial7.

I really liked this print of the motorcycle with surfboard.

Astars boardshorts have come a long way.  Many feature 8 way stretch material for ease and comfort while surfing.

The sonic welded enclosures is a great touch and detail to reduce drag and weight.

Uppercut Deluxe is my go to brand for hair product.  Their pomade has become a staple to my daily essentials.  Pictured here is actually my barber, Dane from OC.

Can’t beat the look and feel of the classic tin can.

Surf is still a major part of action sports and Lost showcased a few new designs.  I really need to get a new board soon.

Don’t call it a come back, but Vision Street Wear is back in full force.

Vision is such an iconic and nostalgic brand that many designs were brought back from the early days.  I remember owning the original pair of these shoes back in 5th grade and yes I believe they were red too.

These new watches are great and would be a good accessory to spice things up to the wardrobe.

So many classic art and design are featured in their collection.

Another OC brand that has been around now for several years is Radii Footwear.  I really like this new style and materials.

Floral is still in and here’s a great example of it being used on the Jack low.

Having seen Chuck Originals grow to a full fledged brand with everything from hats to beanies to bags and more is amazing.  I love seeing friends succeed.  I’ll be adding a few of these beanies to the collection for the winter.

Another company that has come on strong with a complete line of apparel and hats is Quinton.  Glad to see Todd influencing the brand and taking it to the next level.

My favorite skate brand of all-time is Girl Skateboards.  They have proved themselves to be at the heart of skating and true to the core.  They gave the opportunity to their top key retailers to design their very own wooden “Girl” to put on display included were shops such as Supreme.

This art gallery within the tradeshow was another highlight for me. These shops took it seriously and got very creative with their designs.

HUF never fails and always puts on an original concept. This time an old school arcade was put on display.  Remember the skate arcade classic 720?  They also had Top Skater on display to play.

See you at the next tradeshow.

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