It’s A DaYuUM! Summer Shindig

Here’s a meet I was very excited to attend this month. This evening we celebrated the Grand Opening of Guppy’s TeaHouse new location in West Covina, CA. The DaYuUM crew planned this meet months ahead, They’re very well known for putting some well organized meets together, and when I say well organized, I mean some AWESOME organization! Not only do they have the city’s support, They also had police officers that were out in full effect to making sure everything went smooth and everyone enjoyed themselves. There were no idiot’s in the surrounding area’s acting up, the spectators were well behaved & everyone had a great time. Now this is how a meet should be! Congratulations to Denny, Nilo & the crew for such a successful event.

Now to the photo’s!


Noel Barnum’s RocketBunny x Vertex FRS.




Joey Lee of THE CHRONICALS 1st gen Honda Odyssey, It recently came out of paint and looks amazing on those Barrmundi wheel’s

This GS took best of show over at the DaYuUm Meet!…. Ok maybe it didn’t… It’s actually mine :( Haha!


Nilo’s AirREX x DaYuUm NSX

Caught my good friend Jofel of SuperStreet magazine walking around.  If you’ve seen your car randomly appear on the SuperStreet or ImportTuner IG, this is the man to thank for the love.  I was trying to bribe him the whole time to feature my car, He laughed out loud and walked away laughing :( Jk. haha



Even the big boys came out to play.


Here’s a dude demonstrating his Helicopter with attached GoPro to the Police officers. Technology now a day is getting crazier and crazier. I fear I wont be able to keep up! So this is how my parent’s feel.

And away it go’s!

This thing was so high up, I barley could even see after I took this photo.

Krist of StickyIcons RocketBunny XB, Yeah you heard me right, Rocket Bunny.

Here’s one of my favorite car’s that attended the meet. So so good!

Antonio Alvendia of MotorMaven’s joining the fiasco.





FC’s always have a special place in my heart. My first car I’ve ever bought with my own money, I sold it shortly after I purchased when I realized I couldn’t afford to do anything to it, Hah! I was 16 at the time.



Mr Terry Pham, Caught him doing the Asian Photographer poses.. This is  #53 of #1001

Here’s a car I came across on the net a few weeks ago. The owner Benjamin Fernandez is/was in need of a type AB Kidney. He’s been on waiting list for a donor, but nothing has come up. He was willing to trade his pride and joy, his very MINT Toyota corolla. It’s a very sad story and I hope there is someone willing to help him out. I’ve had a family member that went through the same situation, and after years and years of dialysis a waiting a donor was available. They rushed him and stuck him in a plane to another state, He almost didn’t make it due to the donor being kept alive. God bless to all the people willing to donate.

And I end my post with this amazing RatRod, Good Night!

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