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The Lancer “Box type” which was launched in 1979  is one of the most iconic Mitsubishi’s of all time. We all know that it did not have a cult-like following in the States, but things are different here in the Philippines. It is “The” Lancer.

My good friend, John Erik is one of those lucky owners who had a chance to own a pristine condition ” Box”  in form of a 1986 model.

He went for a clean and simple build, a good drop, classy set of wheels (15×8 Enkei92’s) and OEM body parts.

John owns a W202 C-Class Benz and a 97 Camry but he chooses to use his 26-year old car as his daily driver in the streets of Manila.

Interior of the car is “era-specific” from the matching floor mats, the white seat covers and “that” pine-tree car freshener.

His plate number initials may not be meaningful to some but whenever I see the the letters “PHD”, only one thing comes to my mind “Philippine Domestic “.


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Kevin Carlos

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  1. vinceFTLC
    18/07/2013 at 3:17 pm

    nice! my pops is gonna this.