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Illest OC, Ben Baller & Shay Mitchell

Today I bring back my daily blog. Instagram is great to capture things in the moment and I’ve fallen in love with that App because of it. The other month we launched our own app, CarFiend, to capture all things cars. Great app if you havent downloaded it…

Anyways, I’ve gotta get back into writing on the blog to keep things in check and keep you guys up to date with all things Illest & Fatlace. So today, I took a quick flight to LA / OC to meet with alot of people for future work and collaborations. Here’s how today went and tomorrow’s gonna be just as busy…

Saying goodbye to Hunter & the family is always tough as I’ve grown so close to these little ones ever since I’ve slowed down on the weekly travels. The OC flight via southwest was super delayed that I had to cancel that flight and grab a United Flight. Luckily I was able to get a refund.

Jon Herrera who recently got hitched to the lovely Patti Grandidge came to visit me at the new Illest OC store. Great to see him and our good friend Mikey Lomotan. Thanks Jon for the inspiration to keep this blog going.

Jon took me over to Shay Mitchell‘s house to talk about Philippines and making products. Hope to see something cool soon.

After Shay did this really cool shout out to my niece Jaida, we cruised over to the grove and had dinner at Wood Ranch. Ben talked up their bread and mac & cheese and I was definitely a fan of this place after we stuffed all the food down our throats. The place wasn’t only good for food but great for the meeting. Again, look for something real cool soon…

Highlight of the day was when I got to take a ride in Ben’s 458. I’ve driven and ridden in very fast cars but honestly, the 458 rips so hard. One day perhaps.. Til next time……

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Mark Arcenal

Mark Arcenal

Founded Fatlace in 1999. Lived the Agency life for over a decade and then moved to client side launching the biggest brand Nike has to date, NSW as the Global Digital Lead. Today, he's the Creative Director for Fatlace and clothing line, Illest, overseeing 3 retail stores, and a design studio in California and Hawaii.


  1. 08/08/2013 at 11:13 am

    very cool, better to read thoughts than random pictures here and there. I’m amazed you haven’t been to wood ranch before. Food is bomb!

    • 10/08/2013 at 7:37 pm

      Ill try it next time im there. thanks yo

  2. 13/08/2013 at 4:31 pm