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Slammed Society Chicago – Photo Dump


A couple years ago we held an event with our friends at Weksos in Chicago and ever since that, I’ve always wanted to come back and see how the scene in Chicago has progressed. Well that day came and we had one hell of a show with some of Chicago’s finest. Held at Arlington Toyota/Scion, over 200 show cars and a few thousand spectators came out to support the event.


Touge Factory’s Mitsubishi Evo X caught my attention more than once.

Our custom made trophies.

Thank you for coming to the event. See you next year.

Awesome ruckus’s were on display.

Check this one out cruising around the New York streets.

This purple ruckus won an award. Super clean.

Even Chicago goes hard with their RC’s

Another awesome Evo X. Loved this one. Super solid.

Beautiful Tiffany Ruckus with an amazing BMW in the back.

Immaculate Ruckus.

Too many options and custom work done on this one.

Touge Factory S14 built for Time Attack.

Touge Factory Vert.

This Evo X was on bags (cup kit, i believe).

The BMW on Ordens & a very nice bodykit.

Honda EF with Memory Fab wheels.

S2000 on Advan RG

Drift S13 Hatch

S13 with S15 front end conversion on SSR’s.

S15 Silvia. Perfecto.

Probably my favorite car of the show.

Another Angle.

Cool Radio Flyer.

This build was great to look at. A couple years in the making and turned out great.

BMW going hard.

Really liked the Bride seats in this german car.

BBS on GTR. Reminds me of Phoenix’s Power style GTRs who always use BBS.

BBS is such a classic wheel.

Even drag civics showed up.

VW R32 with CCW. Clean. Is it me or are more and more VW’s bagging vs putting on coilovers?

That white on white. STI

S13 Hatch with S15 front end.

With an RB!

S14 with OEM bodykit with a…

RB!!! Nice build guys.

Not only are VW’s but Audi’s seem to be bagging instead of using coilovers.

Nice MK5

S4 on Bags?

Red Work Meisters on a black car.

Love this VW.

Kanjo style EG.


See you next year..

4 Responses to Slammed Society Chicago – Photo Dump

  1. Jhooks

    pretty amazed at the quality there!

  2. Are you going to have Best KDM categories at every SS event?

  3. Pete

    Wow, that Z is gorgeous.

  4. Terrific coverage! The blue S-chassis is an S-14 with an S-15 front end. Check the side rear window profile. Keep up the great work!!


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