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Since transitioning to an ad agency and working from SOHO instead of Midtown, I’ve been indulging in sneakers, destroyed boyfriend denim and baggy knits/sweaters more often than I care to admit. By “more often than I care to admit,” I may or may not mean everyday. (Sorry Mom!) But what else do you expect from a girl who played sports her whole life and then spent the better half of the last five years either on planes or chillin’ by the beach? Comfort over everything! Plus, I believe in the stealthy kinda stuntin’. If you got it, you really don’t need to flaunt it.

Lucky for me, Lust Covet Desire speaks to every one of my fashion life sensibilities. Curated by former Atlantic Records executive Geraldine Chung, the online boutique features an impeccable array of basics and accessories for the laid back but street savvy girl who’s as prone to surfing in Malibu as she is globetrotting across Southeast Asia. The girl who unashamedly embodies #TomboyForever but feels equally at home in a pair of Celine sling backs. With a fantastic eye for talent, detail and quality, G has painstakingly hand-picked a cast of remarkable up and coming designers to showcase at LCD.

Every season I fall more and more in love with LCD’s offerings. From Gabriela Artigas rings to A Peace Treaty scarves to Thierry Lasry sunglasses to Cast of Vices… everything(!) I can’t help but want it all. For Fall 2013, they collaborated yet again with photographer Olivia Malone to highlight some new pieces arriving in store and, once again, I’m smitten. Starring stunner Jenny Parry, the lookbook is by far my favorite to date and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these pieces to keep me warm through the winter months!

While Lust Covet Desire does nothing for me in my quest to slowly amble away from dressing like a 15-year old boy all the time, it does serve as a one stop shop for almost everything I want to wear. Now, I rarely do this, but here’s my holiday wishlist (hinthint, Mom):

1. Perks & Mini Men’s Fuzz Sweatshirt
2. Tom Tom Negative Space Chevron Ring
3. Thierry Lasry Annalinny 516 Sunglasses, currently on sale!
4. Feliks+Adrik Three Crescents Necklace, exclusively for LCD
5. Tom Tom Pyramid Spike Earrings
6. Perks & Mini Duplo Pant
7. Tom Tom Interlock Ring (on middle finger)
8. BWGH ‘Brooklyn parle Francais’ Sweatshirt
9. Gabriela Artigas Infinite Tusk Choker

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