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2013 in Review

What can I say about 2013 other than it was one hell of a roller coaster. As a company, we had its ups and downs, as expected. You learn so much every year and with the advice and help of our friends, partners and loyal supporters, we learned how to conquer and steer thru the madness. I wanted to personally thank everyone who has helped us strive for greatness to another year. The following are highlights from my 2013 that will forever be memories not forgotten.

Work Wheels Visit

Visiting Work Wheels Factory was probably one of my most inspirational trips that happened early in the year. It set the bar for excellence. And the rest of my trip to Osaka was just as awesome and inspirational. Welcome to Osaka | Automesse Day | Shopping in Osaka | Osaka Jdm

Automesse 2013 0saka Japan RocketBunny ENKEI WORK from You&I Media on Vimeo.



Opening the Illest Orange County Store was another highlight of the year. We’re using it not only as a store but as an office space that houses a creative studio and wholesale sales. Click here for the opening of the store.

illest oc

More friends of the brand post, click here.


Illest Spring 2013 featuring Misa Campo. from fatlace on VimeoWe got together with Misa Campo to shoot some of our Spring 2013 offerings. More photos can be seen on Illest.com but here’s a quick behind the scenes video.


The Kengarden Presents – Ann Connolly doing her Yoyo thang in Illest Apparel. Thanks Ann. Lets do this again next year!

Teaming up with Tanner Foust.


Manila Fitted

Manila Fitted. Seeing the scene in Manila made me realize we’re missing out on so much around the world. It also helped push us to open many more doors for 2014. We’ll be doing many more events globally so stay tuned for our announcement next week.



Aloha & Mahalo. Our annual trip to Hawaii for our Hellaflush Show was once again epic. This year, we were able to spend a night with the Puffer Hawaii crew and had a great time talking shop and future projects. Please join us as we open our doors at Kaka’ako this January 31, 2014.

Also, enjoy this video we put together for the show. We were delighted to use the song, Illest by our friends Far East Movement.


Shoyoroll x Illest Gi. A very successful release which included a very crazy online release. Thankful for this and looking forward to the future collaborations with Bear’s crew.


And speaking of Illest. Here’s the official video by Far East Movement that’s been played around the world. In two cases, it was the #1 hit in asia in 2 different countries that I visited. Stoked on that. Thanks guys.


AF Imp x Fatlace collaboration show in Osaka. We created the video for this show which came in DVD format. We’ll be putting it live later this year. Click here for Part 1 and Part 2 of the event.

af imp _ auto fashion imp SUPERCARNIVAL 2013 osaka japan from teekaydee on Vimeo.


Fatlace x JDM Chicago | Slammed Society 2013 from Unscene Media on Vimeo.

JDM Chicago & Fatlace presents Slammed Society Chicago. We had a great time and loved the scene and friends in Chicago.



Family Life. Balance is the key to everything and success. Finding balance is very difficult but once you’ve learned how to, life becomes one. Spending time with my family outside of the regular day to day helps calm the soul. This year our annual trip to hawaii was everything you could ask for. Check the post for more photos.


Illest Manila Grand Opening. Together with Trilogy Boutique we opened up Illest Manila inside Glorietta 3 in Makati. Click here for more photos.



Introducing the F/ZER01 & F/ZER02. These classic sport wheels were ressurected and redesigned with
modern fitment by the Fatlace Design Group and produced by Japanese wheel company AME Wheels. Short for Fatlace01 & Fatlace02, these wheels were designed at the utmost quality to surpass JWL testing. I’m very stoked that these wheels came to fruition after 3 years in the making.



Slammed Society / Hellaflush Japan. You already know this but it is our favorite event of the year. It’s become a pilgrimage for many in Japan and we’re stoked to have this event happen every year. Click here for more photos.


Respect Your Elders. from fatlace on Vimeo.


rwb rubystone

Sema 2013. We showed off our new wheel collaboration, a few car builds, and this awesome Rubystone Red 930 RWB Porsche.



Our first trip to Guam and it was awesome. We had an event and was able to check out the island and the cool people. Check the post here.


Honorable Mention..
Meeting with Shay Mitchell | RWB Oregon

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Mark Arcenal

Mark Arcenal

Founded Fatlace in 1999. Lived the Agency life for over a decade and then moved to client side launching the biggest brand Nike has to date, NSW as the Global Digital Lead. Today, he's the Creative Director for Fatlace and clothing line, Illest, overseeing 3 retail stores, and a design studio in California and Hawaii.

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  1. JJ
    30/12/2013 at 11:40 am

    That’s an awesome year in my book! Can’t wait for 2014!!

    Check out this brand… http://www.teruo.com