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Clarion Alley

I hit the streets this weekend.
And with the weather being so tragically gorgeous, how could you not take advantage of the unusually warm temps
when states to the right of us are suffering through what seems to be one of the worst winters in recent history.
I do say tragically because on the other hand…WE NEED SOME DAMN RAIN!

But like I said, how could you NOT love it.

So here’s my weekend.  First the Town, then the Mish…

Oakland Surf Club
That’s right I said Oakland.  Hardeeharhar.Surfboard, surfboard…grindin’ on dat wood grindin’ grindin’ on that wood.

Boot and Shoe ServiceGot a slap pack from Bayism!The infamous Clarion Alley.About me: New year and new hair don’t care.  Just call me shorty.MaryJane gyals.
And can’t go this week without a special thank you to my team for a GREAT season.
It took me a minute to get out the funk.
And the Seahawks are the new enemy.

But best believe it’s on and poppin’ next year!
The #questforsix continues.

And for the next two weeks, I’m a Broncos fan.

Born, raised and die #faithful.


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