Oktoberfest in Hawaii

Last month after I got my 1973 BMW 2002 back from an engine rebuild and paint refresh, I took it right out to the 3rd Annual Oktoberfest 2014 hosted by …


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Oktoberfest in Hawaii

Last month after I got my 1973 BMW 2002 back...

Jeff Koons @ the Whitney – warning explicit material

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The H2Oi Experience

As most of us are starting to freeze on the...

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Hello! My name is Morgan Shea and I’m a new blogger for Fatlace.com. Before I get started on my journey of writing… Here are a few things about me: I love to dance. I started dancing at the age of three and now thirteen going on fourteen this March and I’m still dancing. I first started off learning ballet, tap, lyrical, and jazz at South County Dance Company & West Coast School of the Arts. I like all types of dance, but my ultimate favorite is hip hop. I started taking hip hop when I was seven years old. At age nine, I auditioned for Kreative Movement (Kaba Modern’s junior dance team) and surprisingly made it. Two years passed and I was still a part of Kreative, yet I found out about Miniotics (Poreotics season 5 ABDC winners junior team) then auditioned and soon joined. From there, I began to learn popping, a style of hip hop that incorporates isolations and robotic movement. After another year, I joined Underground dance team and had a lot of good training there. And most recently after two years I am back and currently with Kaba Kids dancing as well as being a contributor/blogger on their site. (Kreative Movement)

Other than dance, I am also involved in the TEDx community. I enjoy public speaking and have a passion for sharing my views on life and individuality. I love the anime Naruto and love to play the video game Naruto Ninja Storm 3, I love to draw, I love to collect sneakers (i.e Jordans, Nike SB, etc..), and I will soon be learning how to freerun/parkour! My best friend is my eight year old brother, Hamilton, so you’ll most likely see a lot of my posts about him too. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you and watching Illest/Fatlace develop, evolve and grow as will, I.

Ta ta for now!

4 Responses to HI.

  1. I know that place – the Lab! Aloha from Hawaii, welcome to the family Morgan!

    • Aloha Anthony! Yes, that’s the lab – great eye! Thank you I am excited to be part of the family. – Mahalo Morgan

  2. Welcome tothe family. Much respect to you and yours. It is a great thing to see the youth involved in positive, influential projects and groups that look to move people and the community forward. Much success and looking forward to reading your work.


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