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Pow Wow Hawaii 2014 Highlights

For the past few weeks, I’ve been spending any of my free time working on photos from Pow Wow Hawaii 2014 where the initial set of over 1,000 photos has now become around 250 final post processed products.  So to most effectively share this experience, I have split up what could’ve been a giant inundation of photos into 3 more easily digestible posts.  The first post was on the Opening Reception…check out that post here.  The second is this post, the Highlights…a quick look at some key events throughout the week.  And finally coming soon, the third post will be on the Process.

To begin, we will start at the heart of Pow Wow Hawaii – Lana Lane Studios, which is also home to the Pow Wow Hawaii Pop Up Shop (also available at http://shop.powwowhawaii.com/).

“In the Hawaiian culture, it’s customary to kick off any big event with a blessing.  Following the traditional protocols, Pow! Wow! gathered for a chant and prayer before the paint draft.” borrowed words from Daniel Ikaika Ito

Next stop, another important hub for Pow Wow Hawaii is the original Fresh Cafe.  Unfortunately for me, the artists finished before I got there but what they left behind is truly amazing – totally love the contrast between the art inside and outside (inside: Aaron Kai, outside: Norm and Defer)!

In addition to all the live art happening in the streets of Kaka’ako, Pow Wow Hawaii also hosted movie screenings, art and music lectures, and supplementary art exhibitions throughout the week.  One exhibition that I visited was the RVCA x The Seventh Letter x Pow! Wow! Pop Up Gallery.

In addition to the Pow Wow Hawaii sanctioned events, Illest and friends were staying busy with their own side missions!  East3 painted backdrops in preparation for the Illest Hawaii x Puffer Hawaii fashion showcase during the Honolulu Night Market x Pow Wow Hawaii 2014 Block Party…check out some photos of that event by Nonstop Honolulu here.

Meanwhile at Illest Hawaii, Apex left his mark on one of the walls…check out Mark’s post on Apex x Illest limited edition collaborations here.

Unfortunately, I missed out on the Honolulu Night Market x Pow Wow Hawaii 2014 Block Party Finale on Saturday…so fast forward to the unofficial annual Pow Wow Hawaii Day!

“It’s a Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i tradition to cap-off the week-long mural festival with a Hawaiian luau at the stunning Utopium Estate on the North Shore.  This 50-acre property, nestled directly next to the Pupukea-Paumalu Forest Reserve is a piece of art in and of itself.  Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i Co-Director Kamea Hadar’s parents own the Utopium Estate and the entire Hadar family helped design the unique structures and open-spaces in the compound.  This piece of property is quietly serene, yet inspiringly invigorating for all of those that get to visit.” borrowed words from Daniel Ikaika Ito

Pow Wow Hawaii 2014 didn’t just stop at the walls of Kaka’ako…it also spread to edible canvases!

Cakes complete…let the party begin!

“The [centerpiece of the Utopium Estate is the] Mobius Art Villa…a six-suite, six-and-a-half bathroom that is a live-in sculpture with a full kitchen…painted red like the surrounding dirt so the house looks like it’s emerging from the soil…During the week of Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i it’s home of many of the visiting artists and a hub of creativity, amazing conversation and the aloha spirit.” borrowed words from Daniel Ikaika Ito

And the exclamation point at the end of this post…right time right place with our friends Justin and Loreto, and their flawless, show sweeping Volkswagen Bug…paradise indeed!

3 Responses to Pow Wow Hawaii 2014 Highlights

  1. Great coverage Anthony! That cake is epic!

  2. Great photos…next time I’m staying for the BBQ. I should post my photos soon.


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