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Rewind to 2013 Young Choi’s IS300 Sport Cross.

I wish I had finished editing these photos when Young’s car still looked like this, but time management has always been a problem in my life.  So, we’re going to be doing a throwback of Young Choi’s IS300 wagon. One of the few sick looking IS300s we have here over in the states. This was when he had Work Shcwerts.

Everything looks better when its closer to the ground.

Some of you may know that the IS300 wagon is pretty rare. They only produced 3,000 wagons in the time the IS300 was being made. Young was able to get this rare vehicle and customize it to a perfect piece of machinery.

He slammed the car so his future kids can get into the car easier. Hopefully, the school he picks up his kids in don’t have any speed bumps.

The TRD Neo V2 front bumper compliments the aggressive fitment really well.

Amazing to know that this car is static and he drives this thing as a daily.

Fitment porn.

Now a days, you can catch Young drifting at Button Willow with his fresh manual swap and rocking some Works XT7s.

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