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Bring The Rain

A couple weeks ago, I made the trip back up to the Pacific Northwest. I was stoked the week of my trip because I heard the weather was going to be in the 80s. I felt special because I felt like I was bringing a little bit of California with me. Damn, was I wrong. The next day and throughout the rest of weekend, it rained. It rained every damn day. The weather eventually cleared up though…..the day after I left. Oh well.

Washington has a pretty dope automotive scene. Every time I go up there, I see some pretty awesome builds. I still have to visit this magical place I keep hearing about called Alki the next time I visit. Whats up Dylan Evans? This time around, I met up with Zach Dunn and Lucas Perez at the Red Car Show, a charity benefit for at the University of Washington. After the show, we hung around the campus to snap some photos. Of course when we started shooting, the rain came pouring down. I’m pretty sure that if a couple of modified cars pulled up in the middle of a college campus here in San Francisco, police would be called, tow trucks would be called in, and tickets would be passed out left and right. I guess this is how Washington rolls, straight gangster…

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  1. 19/05/2014 at 1:07 am

    SO GOOD!