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To help us kick off Illest Orange County‘s anniversary weekend, we had a private industry event last night with our colleagues and our friends, with the tastemakers and with the team. It was Kicks, Chicks, Whips, featuring a collection of sneakers and cars, sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon and Dogzilla. Before things get too crazy these next few days, we had a chance to breathe (kinda) and revel in the accomplishments our Costa Mesa location has had over the year. We’ve seen b-boy battles and car meets, a marriage between retail and event, and a whole lotta you who have shared in the Illest and Fatlace culture. For that, we say thanks. And thanks to everyone who made it last night; it was fun.

Big shout out to our sponsors who made sure we were hydrated and fed.

It was crazy walking through the space and realizing the value of product that was on display. The combination of the Rari, the vintage Datsun, and the shoes (the Jordan IVs seen below are estimated at 16k alone) low key had us all stressing.

Now let me get a little personal here and shout out some of my people. Maybe the Illest OC store has a bit of sentimental value to me; Mark hired me there to be Fatlace’s managing editor. I’m missing most of you, but it was great to be at the event with people that consistently support me.

Allan, Glenn (Fatlace), and Shelly (Tastemakers):

Prevail Co (Rei, Joseph, and Ken):

Jello (Halloway), Rob (Crooks), Miles (Venue), and Mark (Illest/Fatlace):

Tonight we open up Kicks, Chicks, Whips to the public. Then tomorrow it’s the Socal Ruckout with AlpineStars and Honda. And finally on Sunday – the actual anniversary – it’s Slammed Sundays. All happen at the Costa Mesa location; come on down.

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