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VIP Style, Offset Kings Japan 2015

The presence of a well built ‘Bippu’ styled vehicle automatically marks a statement that other styling routes will have a hard time to match. VIP style originated in the early 90’s in Japan but due to the ‘power wars’ of that era, these cars only had the spotlight during the late noughties.  Thanks to the internet, growth of these cars are now in full bloom. Check out some of my picks during Offset Kings Japan 2015.


The Toyota Crown’s of Japan are awesome. Those 326 Power lugnuts add so much character.


Given a chance to build a VIP-style car, I’d mix it with sporty 1-piece wheels.


A wilder approach on the S180.




Eisuke Watanabe brought his G35 on SSR Formula mesh 19 x 10’s up front and 19 x 11’s on the rear.




His fitment does the talk. Crazy!


I will  also highlight some vans on this post. Ryosuke Maehata’s Odyssey is a dream for fans of the platform. Girls know how to modify their vans in Japan!




VANkulture is strong in Japan as these guys had stickers. I just had to stop and inhale this moment. What a sight.


Slammed Hi-Ace Commuter! Loved how he kept the bumpers black.




One of my favorites during the show, a GS430 on SSR Koenig Monster’s! Classic wheels on a new platform is the way to go.




Work Seeker SX‘s on a Nissan Laurel. 326 Power lug-nuts check! Too bad they ran out of stock on that day.


Ty Okamoto from Hectopascal brought a Nissan GTR that literally broke heads. Its styling approach is something you won’t see everyday on an R35. Wheels are Work Equip’s 22x 11.5 – 10 up front with 295 25 tires and 22×12.5 -10 rear on 315/25 Pirelli P Zero tires. Yes it remains static with a Endress Racing Super Function coilovers plus Megan Racing upper and rear arms.


Body work is wild too as it was fully spot welded, fenders are pulled 180mm on all sides too. Does it look black? Look closely/personally and you will see that the car is painted Majora + Midnight Purple. Expect a wilder set-up for Tokyo Auto Salon 2016.



Flush GTR!



The classic Work Equip 05 will never run out of style. These wheels can match any platform.


Shinya Watanabe from Goma-Garage brought his URS190 which debuted during Osaka Auto Messe 2015.


Wheels are Work VS-XX’s 20 x 10J -22 up front and 20x 11J -62(!) on the rear.



It has everything a VIP purist wants in a car- black, wide wheels, negative offset, radiused fenders, air suspension, crazy sounding exhaust. Can I add those red suede interior trims to the list?


On point.


Hope you enjoyed.

Be back soon.

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