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31st Times a Charm

In 2002, only 1500 VW GTI 337 Editions were made…this one represents Slammed Society to the fullest. Kama is a local Hawaiian brother with lots of Euro flair in the 31st car he’s owned. I knew I wanted to feature his GTI the moment I saw it. Below is a just a little bit of his long list of mods.

– Custom 3 tone paint scheme (top: VW Reflex Silver, bottom: Porsche GT Silver Metallic) with airbrushing

– Custom DPE SPR10 brushed centers with polished lips, limited edition red center caps, and Falken 452s
F: 19×9 custom offsets, 215/35/19
R: 19×10 custom offsets, 225/35/19

– Full Digital Airlift Air Suspension Kit
Front Airlift XL strut/bag
Custom Rear airbag setup using Slam Specialties SS5 Bags / adjustable dampening Koni shocks

Enjoy these pictures, which are well worth the three days we spent shooting this work of art

Photos: Anthony Nguyen

//Brian Hashimoto

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  • 29/09/2011 at 7:22 am

    Great job on these photos! I really like the wheels on this car.