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Hey Guys,

Long time! So its been a long while since my last Hellaflush post. For a while I disappeared in photography and around blogging just general. This time last year I let go all my gear, sold it all off to get into other hobbies and just rest from it for a while. BUT! Who was I kidding! I was feening! . Recently a couple buddies of mine got together to go on a group photoshoot and I started to get the itch. My buddy Alec Nguyen graciously let me use his camera for a bit and that was it! The addiction was back. I set out to get another camera and so I did. Now, here I am dammit. haha

Anyways no more than a day later when I picked up my gear. I hit up my good friend Karl Perez, A time and location was set and we were good to go. Karl started building his Honda s2000 early this summer and it was already breaking necks. Though every month I kid you not, His s2k comes out better and stronger each month that goes by. His ride has been the conversation at car shows, meets & online. Every time he rolls though Illest Boutique Los Angeles nothing but heads turning and customers breaking out their phones to grab a quick Instagram photo. From his Spoon hard top to his spoon bumper, down to his ASM fenders & aggressive TE37 this s2k is set to perfection. Now enough words now to the photos.

Tonights location was set in Downtown Los Angeles, John Ferraro, Grand Street, LA Gun club & 6th Street Bridge. Enjoy guys! Thanks again to Karl for his time!


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous S2000! Every shot taken a winner. Thank you for this set! Cheers!

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