The Lexus LC500 gives a glimpse of the future with its modern design and sculpture. The sharp angles and wide stance command attention. As a grand tourer, performance and luxury find a comfortable balance. Yet the details help set the vehicle apart from the three-dimensional look of the tail lights to the retractable door handles that help keep the body lines smooth. But enough about the gorgeous looks of the vehicle as I already spoke about them in this article.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty and how this vehicle performs in the real world with real world driving conditions and real world scenarios. I put the LC 500 through the paces of a regular work week and a 3-day holiday weekend.

The cockpit seamlessly had a combination of luxury, technology, and performance. The leather was soft to the touch and the seats were comfortable even after a 3 hour stint on a short road trip. The steering wheel was solid and the magnesium paddle shifters on the open road were enjoyable to use. The interior lighting details were a nice touch as well. The only issue (as I have with most vehicles with this type of interface) was with the Remote Touch Interface used to control the 8-inch LCD TFT multi-information display including the radio and navigation. It’s just too slow for me and takes awhile to get used to it, even a week of using it took awhile, however connecting to Bluetooth to my iPhone was a breeze.

Let’s face it, driving in Los Angeles can be a nightmare. Sitting in traffic on the 405 after a day of meetings is stressful and torturous. Yet, while I sat in the LC500 in stop and go traffic I was at least comfortable and entertained as I sat listening to a podcast or music via SiriusXM satellite radio. I took a few calls via Bluetooth and the voice on the other end was clear and sharp, which helped me feel productive while in the driver’s seat.

On the open road is where the fun really was experienced. The vehicle’s perfectly balanced weight and suspension provided a lot of confidence through the turns, while the V8 engine roared at speed. The ride was smooth in Downtown LA and through cracked pavement and especially so on the freeway on a quick jaunt to Palm Springs.

There’s a bit of the “Wow” factor when you’re behind the wheel. First off is the feeling of power when you first press the push button start and then there’s the initial rev when you lunge forward that makes you aware that a beast lays under the hood. When parking at a restaurant I could see valet attendant’s eyes grow large and somewhat fight to get to the vehicle first for a chance to park the car even just a few yards away. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many “thumbs up” while driving before. On the freeway, a motorcyclist sped up to see the LC then slowed down parallel to the Lexus only to speed up again and give me a thumbs up. While exiting a Starbucks drive-thru a stranger that I let cross in front stopped to give me the Wayne’s World “we’re not worthy” bow. I’ve been in a few exotics and cool vehicles before, but never have I noticed this type of attention.

Overall, it’s a very solid vehicle and a complete blast to drive. You do get a bit of bang for your buck in terms of sportscar pricing if you consider the “wow” factor. For those looking for an excuse that it’s not a family car or very practical, well I can assure you that a full size stroller fits in the trunk and a rear facing baby seat actually fit in the back. #dadlife

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