I present you Jens Lyphout his Audi Super 90. He’s 23 years old and lives in West-Flanders of Belgium. The Super 90 was found as a barnfind where it sat for a very long time. It was in a pretty bad condition and everything was rust. A full restoration was the only choice to get it back to life. The model is a Savanna Beige collored Audi Super 90 from 1969 and it’s heart is an original 1800CC Motor, made by Mercedes. He also likes to tell that it feels incredible to drive such a unique car, lots of people are looking at me when my car passes on the road. Especially on a sunny day it’s amazing to drive this car. Jens his future plans are buying new wheels, and riding his car as much as possible to make unforgettable memories. Beside this good looking lady, he also owns a Audi 60L and a AUDI 72. His last words for us: To those that don’t understand classic car modifying: It’s a passion, old cars are unique and have character. We need to bring back life in the old ones.

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Mike Crawat

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Belgian Automotive photographer since 2009.