15 Jun 2012

Music on NES controllers.

A good friend of mine SmithAgentSmith recently produced a track with MADEin82 using NES samples. He’s been coming super correct in 2012  and hurting a lot of DJs’ feelings all over the world. Click below out their live performance of “Victory” via NES controllers routed through Ableton Live! <iframe width=”1000″

27 Oct 2011

Busy Busy.

I have a ton of stuff to share, but work has been relentless lately. Expect a lot more soon! Took an elevator to Nowhere today…

Stones Throw CDs
26 Oct 2011

Stones Throw.

Got a call from Shin towards the end of my work day yesterday saying he wanted to introduce me to someone.  So I left work slightly early and headed over to his office and met Kota who heads up all of Asia for Stones Throw and is in the far

Shibuya Matsuri
25 Oct 2011

Back For More.

The Albert Kim is back on the Stay Fresh Crew blogs. From living in Tokyo, moving back to L.A., and then back to Tokyo again, I hope you guys enjoy what I have to share from my random life!