Girl Power

Oakland is quickly becoming (dare I say) THE mecca of artists. And on the first Friday eve of each month galleries, bars, coffee shops, cafes, canni name the Uptown area open their doors
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Flick Picks

Dakota Skye
With awards season in full gear and the usual big box movies getting pats on their backs, I turn my

Fab Five

Boombox Earrings
At any given time there are certain things that I get attached to, whether they're objects, accessories, music, clothing, makeup,
Bay New Year Fireworks

Flashing Lights

This was a beautiful year.  Like excellent wine, I know I will look back at this year with a special fondness.  Memories of the little things, the big things, the interesting things, the sleepless nights,
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Maligayang Pasko

Niner Faithful!
Twas the night before tsismis and all through the Bay Not a homeboy was creepin, not even Mr. Suave The

Lately I…

Public Works, SF
...been busy!  So keepin it simple this week folks.  Just some snaps of what I been gettin into on the
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