29 Jul 2013

Final Fab Work: Exhaust & Intake

Start it off with some good beer.. I pick Batch19… Really good beer even though it is made by Coors. So I realized I forgot to update you guys on doing my door panels and CF hood.. So here it is.. At first I thought I could keep most of

12 May 2013

350zLS1 Build Getting Close

Okay finally a good update, been kind of crazy over here with the move to the new house and ordering a lot of fittings and hoses. But here we are so lets get this party started. Lets start this off with a good beer. Since I have put beer a

02 Nov 2012

It’s All About the Little Things

Okay everyone here I am with another update, Sorry it took so long to bring you another update just been really busy. So to let everyone know I am getting close to start up on this thing, just need to go pick up my T56 in Houston, then head to

20 Aug 2012

AccuAir Suspension presents: ‘Eddie Padilla’s 53 Chevrolet’

[youtube]http://youtu.be/8mmd_eHYmMY[/youtube]           From time to time videos or stories tend to pop up reminding me why I have a strong passion for cars of all makes and models. AccuAir Suspension and Eddie Padilla’s 1953 Chevrolet documentary video did just that. A story that captures the true

12 Aug 2012

350z LS1 Drift Build “Suspension Setup”

Okay lets get this party started shall we. I forgot to take a pic of a beer this week but I borrowed this pic from Idrinkgoodbeer.com (which everyone should go check them out). This beer has just hit the US and I am dieing to try it out. Its called

25 Jul 2012

350z LS1 Drift Build “Black Beast”

So guys here I’m back again with a update, sorry so long since the last one but a lot of things have been going on over here so the build has taken on a slow state of movement. But finally getting around to getting things ready so I can finally

15 Apr 2012

350z LS1 Drift Build “Paint Storm”

Okay boys and girls it is finally update time… Again so sorry for the lack of update but things got crazy over here and took me for ever to paint the interior of my car. Now that the paint is done, hopefully things will move a little faster. Okay lets

24 Mar 2012

Welcome ‘SpeedWire’ to the 350z LS1 Drift Build

So I am proud to announce SpeedWire is now on board with my 350z LS1 drift build. The boys over there were nothing but help with providing me with everything I needed for my switch panel setup. So with a couple of emails back and forth with what I needed

21 Mar 2012

Rd1 Lone Star Drift with: Stewart Leask

I had the pleasure of hanging out with my good friend Stewart Leask for the first round of the Lone Star Drift series. But before he could get into any door to door action, car setup was key. This meant a nice long stop at Autocomp Racecars, were Marty could

05 Mar 2012

DPE Wheels x Mint Design

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/37839646[/vimeo]         Mint Design vists our DPE Wheel headquarters.. Enjoy..